CarPlan Instant Tyre Wash & Shine Foam

CarPlan Leather Valet is a rich, nourishing formula that cleans, conditions and care for leather upholstery in the car and around the home.

Leather is a durable material, but it can age prematurely if the natural oils ate not replaced, especially in hot and dry conditions. The special blend of soaps, natural oils and waxes gently clean, feed and moisturise the surface and work in harmony to preserve the leather for the years the years to come. After the application, a pleasant fresh leather aroma remains to enhance the "brand new leather" impression.


  1. Apply generously with a soft clean cotton cloth and gently work over the surface until the rich cream slowly disappears
  2. When dry, buff lightly with a clean, soft, cotton cloth, turning frequently. If area is particularly heavily soiled, first clean with CarPlan Interior Valet.

  • This product may stain some leather finishes and is not suitable for use on suede or moquette type leather finishes.
  • Always test an inconspicuous area first for compatibility and colourfastness.
  • Use on other leather products such as luggage or furniture. Do not use on perforated leather.

CarPlan Instant Tyre Wash & Shine Foam

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