CarPlan Instant Tyre Wash & Shine Foam

CarPlan Tyre Shine foam cleaner instantly washes and shines tyres. Simply spray on and allow to dry, for a new look tyre finish. Tyre shines conditions tyre walls and protects against surface cracks.


  1. Clean excessively dirty tyres with water. For best results allow to dry
  2. Shake can well. Spray an even coating of Tyre Shine directly on the tyre wall using a sweeping motion
  3. Allow foam to fully collapse (approx 10 min) before driving off

  • Do not allow tyre shine to get on to tyre treads or brake components.
  • Tyre Shine overspray can mark driveways and paths.
  • Always wash away spillages with water.
  • Do not use on cycle or motorcycle tyres.

CarPlan Instant Tyre Wash & Shine Foam

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